To promote dryland horticulture in the jurisdiction and focus on the current farming situation, every year, KVK Buldana-I organizes various events, training, and demonstrations under “Agriculture Technology Week.” This year, the technology week was organized between 14-20th October 2020 by KVK.

  • Celebration of “Sitafal Mahotsav”

KVK is organizing “Sitafal Mahotsav,” focusing on dryland horticulture promotion every year. This year the 12th  Mahotsav was organized on 14th  October 2020. The program was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of Mr. Narendra Naik, SAO Buldana. Hon. K.G. Ingle, President, Host Institute, precedes the program’s chair. Mr. Dipak Patel, SDAO, Khamgaon, Dr. Swatitai Wakekar, Director, Host Institute and Mr. Vikas G. Jadhao, Head, KVK, and Mr. Dhiraj Wakode, TAO, Jalggaon Jamod were chief guests for the program. Mr. Vikas G. Jadhao explained the objective of the technology week and the celebration of Sitafal Mahotsav by KVK. Mr. Narendra Naik provided information about various orchard cultivation schemes of the State Government to the participated farmers. Mr. K.G. Ingle appealed to farmers to cultivate Custard Apple and briefed them about processed products. During this Mahotsav, KVK also organized an exhibition of custard apple fruit varieties viz. Balanagar, NMK-1, Annona-2, Chandsili, Arka Sahan produced. At KVK instructional farm. Fruits from 12 Custard-apple growers are also exhibited in this exhibition. About 105 Custard-apple growers were present for the Mahotsav.

  • Training and demonstration on Azolla

In the succession of the technology week,  KVK organized an Azolla demonstration cum training program of farmers on 15th  October 2020 at Dhanora Jangam village of Nandura block in the morning session. The object of this program was to create awareness among the farmers to use Azolla as a feed supplement to improve deficiency in diet given to animals by farmers. Also, to enhance milk production and the health status of animals.

During this program, Mr. Vikas G. Jadhao, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, guided the farmers about the balanced diet fed to animals and its importance. He also focused on providing dry and green fodder to animals necessary for improving milk production. Dr .V. S. Janotkar,  SMS (Vet. Sci.) KVK gives detailed information about Azolla, varieties, cultivation, ingredients required, feeding procedure and quantity required per animal, and its benefits. The method demonstration of the preparation of the Azolla bed was also carried out in the Farmer’s field.

Celebration of Sitafal MAhotsav
Azolla Demonstration
  • Training cum method demonstration on silage

KVK organized a silage demonstration cum training program on 15th October 2020 at Dhanora Jangam village in Nandura block in the morning session. The main objective of this program was to provide green fodder throughout the year for the improvement of the health and milk production of dairy animals.  During this program, Mr.Vikas G. Jadhao, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, guided the farmers about the aim and purpose of FLD in his introductory remark and also elaborated the importance of feeding silage to animals which is necessary for improving milk production. Dr.V.S. Janotkar SMS (Vet. Science) provided detailed information to the participants about silage, including its importance, methods,  fodder crop used, care and management taken before and after silage preparation, quantity, and process to feed, etc. He also highlighted the benefits of feeding silage. He also carried out a hands-on silage preparation method demonstration in the Farmer’s field to

  • BBF Training and demonstration on Farmer’s field

In the succession of technology week, the Agriculture Engineering section of KVK organized a training cum demonstration on “Use of promising technology BBF Planter” in rabi crop production on Farmer’s field of village Asalgaon and Sulaj on 19th  October 2020. Mr. Nitin Talokar SMS (Ag. Engg) briefed about the benefits of sowing rabi chickpea on BBF planter as it helps enhance crop productivity from 14-18 percent. It also saves seed 20-25 percent and improves soil moisture retention conditions by reducing the number of irrigation rounds. The space left for furrows will improve crop aeration that will help to reduce pest infestation. The furrow space can be utilized for laying sprinkler irrigation systems. The sowing of seed by four rows on the broad bed will help plant growth as the growth of rootlet is fast, resulting in increasing plant height, no of branches, and no. of pods and ultimately results in increased crop production. After training, the Method Demonstration of BBF Planter for sowing, setting, adjustment, and maintenance was well explained by Mr. Nitin Talokar to the farmers.

Silage Method demonstration
BBF Technology Demonstration
  • CFLD Training on Bengal gram

On the last day of technology week, KVK conducted a training program under CFLD (Pulses) on Bengal gram on 20th October 2020. Dr. Swatitai Wakekar, Director of Host institute, was present as chief guest for the program.

At the outset, Mr. Vikas Jadhao, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, elaborates the aims and objectives of CFLD in his introductory remarks. Mr. S.M.Umale, SMS (Agronomy), gave detailed information about Bengal gram new variety RVG-202 and Phule Vikram, seed treatment of bio-fertilizer, sowing time and methods, fertilizer, and irrigation management in his PowerPoint presentation. Mr. Anil Gabhne SMS (Plant Protection) focused on IPM technology. DrSwatitaiWakekar appealed to farmers to adopt improved technology to increase Bengal gram production. The seed of variety RVG-202 and PhuleVikram, Liquid consortia, and Trichoderma were distributed as inputs to the CFLD farmers. About 80 farmers were present for this program.

  • Live Telecast on “World Food Day”

World Food Day is celebrated on 16th October every year worldwide. This global event raises awareness on depleting food resources and highlights the need to bring equal nutrition to all. This year’s World Food Day is of great importance as the world is grappling with disturbing food systems in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. To celebrate the importance of food and agriculture in India, Hon. PM Narendra Modi released a commemorative coin of INR 75 denomination and dedicated new 17 crops to the nation. World Food Day 2020 aims to give impetus to agriculture and the development of healthy foods and eradicate the problem of malnutrition and undernutrition, which is rampant in many parts of the world, including India.

KVK organized a live telecast of the program for farmers at KVK. At the concluding program session, Mr. Vikas Jadhao, Head, KVK, guided the farmers about the importance of the day celebration and the role of FAO worldwide. About 35 farmers were present for the program.

Training under CFLD
Live Telecastr of Hon. PM on Wrold Food Day