The objective of On Farm Testing (OFT) is to test and evaluate the research findings of Research Stations at the farmer’s field and to refine and modify the technologies, if required for better adoption by farmers. It is confirmation of already proven research results under real farming situation. The KVK has been instrumented in brining up number of solutions to the problems related to farmers of Madurai District. Integrated Pest and disease management field crops, and horticulture crops and encouraging farm mechanization to minimize the production cost have been the important successful OFTs of KVK.

During 2021 KVK conducted 10 OFT’s on integrated Nutrient Management, Integrated Pest Management, Varietal Evaluation, Weed Management, Farm MAchinery & Livestock Enterprise covering 96 farmer.   

  • Assesment of Bt cotton varieties ICAR-CICR PKV 081 Bt and  ICAR-CICR Rajat Bt
  • Assessment of Post emergence weedicide application (Clodinafop Propargyl + Metasulfuran Methyal @ 0.06+ 0.004 kg ai /ha) at 35DAS for controlling weed flora in wheat.
  • Assessment of Turmeric special micronutrient as foliar spray in Turmeric crop.
  • Assessment of Microbial consoutium to improve nutrient use  efficiency.
  • Management of Pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella)on Bt cotton.
  • Management of pigeonpea pod borer complex.
  • Enhancing productivity of Maize crop in kharif season using BBF Planter in Buldana District.
  • Enhancing productivity of Jowar crop in kharif season using BBF Planter in Buldana District.
  • To assess the performance of hybrid Napier fodder crop CO5.
  • To assess the performance of new variety Kaveri breed under Backyard poultry.
OFT on BT Cotton
OFT on Turmeric
OFT on Pink Boll Worm
OFT on BBF Technology
OFT on FOdder Crop CO 5
OFT on Backyard Poultry