Scientific Advisory Committee  meeting of KVK Buldana-I was held on 6th September, 2022 at 11.00 am under the Chairmanship of Hon. Mr. K. G. Ingle, Chairman KVK. At the outset, Mr. A.T. Gabhane, (SMS, Plant Protection) briefed about objectives of the meeting and introduced to all the dignitaries present for the meeting. The welcome of all the dignitaries present for the meeting was carried out by Mr. Vikas G. Jadhao, Sr. Scientist & Head KVK & Secretary, SAC. In the attendees, Hon Dr. D. B. Undirwade, DEE, Dr. PDKV, Akola, Shri. S.G. Dabre, DSAO, Buldana, Dr. C. P. Jaybhaye, Asso. Prof., ARS Buldana, Shri. Deepak Patel, SDAO, Khamgaon, Dr. N.B. Parihar, LDO, Jalgaon Jamod, Shri. D.P. Wakode, TAO, Jalgaon Jamod, Shri. V.L. Khondil, Campaign Officer, Z.P. Buldana, Shri. R.F. Gawai, AO, Sangrmapur, Mr. V.R. Wankhade, KVIB, Buldana, Shri. R.S. Navkar, AO. P.S. Jalgaon Jamod, Shri, Krushna Dawar, Shri. Shrikrishna Sonone, Mrs. Sangita Palkar, Mrs. Meera Sonone, – Progressive Farmers and all KVK staff were present for the meeting.

Mr. Vikas G. Jadhao, Sr. Scientist & Head KVK in presentation, highlighted the compliance action taken against suggestions received in previous SAC meeting that was held on 21st May, 2021. The details of activities conducted in 2021-22 by KVK with action plan for the year 2022-23 was presented by him in front of the dignitaries in the meeting. For the effective functioning of KVK in future endeavor, some suggestions were received from SAC members in the meeting. Based on minutes of the meeting and discussion held during & after presentation, following suggestions were given by distinct committee members.                     

  1. KVK should promote most recent and climate resilient crop varieties among farming community. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  2. KVK should create awareness regarding minimizing use of weedicides for healthy soil and maintaining microbial fauna in soil. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  3. KVK should focus their work related to value added processing of pulses and fruits.  (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  4. KVK should promote most promising eggs laying breeds of poultry birds. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  5. KVK should provide genuine saplings of orange, sweet orange and vegetables to the farmers as per demand. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  6. KVK should work on water conservation activities on KVK instructional farm. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  7. KVK should take initiative in rearing various milching animal breeds at KVK demonstration unit. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  8. Through Hatchery unit of KVK, farmers should get benefitted with chicks of various poultry birds. (Hon. Chairman of SAC)
  9. KVK should organize various trainings and awareness programmes on organic farming to motivate the farmers. (Hon. DEE, Dr. PDKV, Akola) 
  10. For effective management of PBW in KVK jurisdiction the IPM module suggested by Dr. PDKV, Akola should be promoted by KVK through various means. (Hon. DEE, Dr. PDKV, Akola) 
  11.  KVK should promote the recently developed soybean varieties (Suvarn Soya and Amba) through various demonstrations on farmer’s field. (Hon. DEE, Dr. PDKV, Akola) 
  12. KVK should take initiative in increasing area under cereal crops such as Sorghum and Bajara and oilseeds such as Safflower, Linseed, Ground nut etc. (Hon. DSAO, Buldana)
  13. KVK should conduct various training and awareness programmes regarding use of Nano-Urea by farmers.  (Hon. DSAO, Buldana)
  14. To control the fruit fly in citrus crop, KVK should conduct various demonstrations/trainings on farmer’s field. (Hon. DSAO, Buldana)
  15. To avoid health hazardous nature of seed treatment, KVK should develop a low cost seed treating drum locally. (Dr. C.P. Jaybhaye, Asso. Prof. ARS, Buldana)    
  16. In view of increasing millipede affected area in jurisdiction, KVK should conduct management guidance programmes on large scale. (Shri. Vijay Khondil, Campaign Officer, Z.P. Buldana)
  17. Through various trainings, seminars, demonstrations, KVK should create awareness about modern animal sheds among the farmers. (Dr. N.B. Parihar, LDO, Jalgaon Jamod)

 At last, KVK’s annual Newsletter of year 2020-21 was released by the dignitaries. The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. S.M. Umale (SMS, Agronomy). After meeting, visit to various demonstration units such as Crop cafeteria of various crops, Vermi-compost unit, poultry unit, Azola unit, Soybean and Cotton Crop demonstration unit, CHC unit, Mother orchard unit (Custard Apple, Nagpuri Santra, Sweet Orange, Guava etc). KVK Nursery unit, Aonla, Apple Ber, Mulberry and Drumstick plantation was arranged. All the dignitaries appreciated the work of KVK Buldana-I and express the best wishes for future endeavors of KVK.