Front Line demonstrations(FLDs) is a unique approach to provide an direct interface between researcher and farmers as the scientists are directly involved in planning, execution and monitoring of the demonstrations for the technologies developed by them and get direct feedback from the farmers’ field about the crops like wheat, rice and pulses production in general and technology being demonstrated in particular. This enables the scientists to improvise upon the research programme accordingly. In FLDs, the subject matter scientists provide technological inputs to extension scientists to organize the demonstrations. Thus, FLDs provide an opportunity to researchers and extension personnel for understanding the farmer’s resources and requirement to fine tune and/or modify the technologies for easy adaptability at farmers’ fields.

During 2021 KVK implemented 18 FLD’s on oilseed, pulses, cereals, horticultural crops, livestock, implements & other enterprise on 102ha of area covering 406 farmers.

  1. Demonstration on wheat variety PDKV Sardar
  2. Demonstration on chickpea Variety RVG202 and Phulevikram
  3. Demonstration on seed treatment in pigeon pea
  4. Demonstration on soybean Variety MACS 1281
  5. Integrated crop management in ground nut
  6. Management of FAW IN Maize
  7. Integrated pest management in soybean
  8. Demonstration on Turmeric variety IISR Pragati
  9. Nutrient management in chili
  10. Demonstration on pruning in custard apple
  11. Use of BBF Planter for enhancing productivity of groundnut crop
  12. Use of cotton slasher for agro waste management
  13. Deseeding machine for extraction of custard apple pulp
  14. Use of Subsoiler for resource conservation
  15. Control and prevention of mastitis in milch animals
  16. Use of inj. Ivermectin to control endo-ecto parasite in goat
  17. Oyster mushroom cultivation
  18. Kitchen gardening
CFLD on Linseed
CFLD on Bengalgram
CFLD on Summer Gound Nut
FLD on Wheat var PDKV Sardar
FLD on Chili
FLD On Turmeric
FLD on FAW in Maize
FLD on Custard Apple
FLD on Kitchen Gardening